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Licensed Psychologist


“I’ve found that growing up means being honest, about what I want,
what I need what I feel and who I am.” — Epiphany

Your visit here is about gaining support for your psychological life. You are in the right place, I provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and children. We can work together through individual work, couples work or group work. Psychotherapy is a treatment modality that can help with many of your emotional, relational and overall psychological experiences. It can offer long term relief from symptoms related to anxieties, depressive trends and personal, interpersonal traumas.

I invite you to learn more about my approach to better understand my services and connect with me. I thank you in advance for your interest in pursuing the psychotherapy to help yourself and members of your family.


My Approach

My approach to providing psychotherapy is about working with you in a holistic way. My professional training is primarily focused in three areas of study: Contemporary Psychoanalysis, social emotional cognitive infant development, and trauma research. All of these areas attempt to describe the dynamic nature of your physical and psychological health. We will work together to facilitate growth and change. So feeling better, being more accepting of yourself and others and increasing your understanding in how to impact the world in a more effective way will happen.

The age-old question of nature versus nurture comes down to this: it is both nurture and nature, in addition to our specific constitution and circumstances.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based upon the quality and quantity of interaction with a well trained psychotherapist. This is at the core of working through underlying and overt physiological/psychological health processes.



All psychological services will be offered through a contemporary psychoanalytic lens as it is intertwined with infant development and traumatic experiences.


Please fill out the form below to learn more about psychoanalytic psychotherapy services and to
determine if I'm a good fit for you.

Thank you for reaching out.

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